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SXPP Punk All-Dayer Studio 24 - Edinburgh Sunday 11th May 2008
A tenacious gathering of significant punk bands dispense impressive quality upon the city
Edinburgh promoters 'SXPP', responsible for bringing many notable punk bands to the capital at weekends, further enhanced that service today with a formidable line-up that brimmed with unquestionable strengths and individuality. For over 12 hours the crowd at'Studio 24' basked in the searing climate of visceral kindredship and celebration.

I was fashionably late, as always, which, regrettably, resulted in me missing 'CRITIKILL' and 'HAPPY SPASTICS', the two bands I really did want to see! I did however manage to catch the last 3 songs from the enthusiastically energetic 'THE MURDERBURGERS' and I couldn't have probably found a better band to start my day with. Their furious pop/punk proficiency was delivered with a tight composure and distinctive style.

Supervened by 'ACID TONGUE' the hardcore Fife outfit who never fail to disappoint in any situation - and today was no exception. Their hard-hitting, sometimes political brand of punk is much favoured on the live scene. They have a unique identity and concentrated belief in what they sing about.

'LOWLIFE UK' were glorious and, in my opinion, the band of the day! They were charismatic and posses that working class intellect which defines punk rock. Their songs are frantic and the energy levels they conjure are delirious. They also showed an ability to not take themselves too seriously. This band are capable of creating a good night out.

'DOGSFLESH' were a heaving vehicle of hardcore mayhem. What you got is what you saw and they deliver it the way they create it - without instruction or compliance. Tonight they exploded on stage and never reduced their vehement onslaught once! Following them '3CR', the Manchester rebel rousing proscribers who posses some of the hookiest offensive songs in existence. But it's jagged and raw and intelligently entwined with 3 chord mastery and they made everyone here tonight very fuckin happy.

It's conclusive that 'INSTANT AGONY' are very good. Again they delivered a wealth of songs that can lift the corners from roofs until the sky bleeds and showers those below in the congealed sonance inflicted plasma. I somehow ended up next to their speakers for the whole set - and could hear nobody but them until Tuesday lunchtime!! French band 'ANTI CLOCKWISE' were a manifestation of prodigious instinct and presence tonight. It's almost like they cherry-picked their greatest moments and threw the whole lot at us. Faultless and lavish to the extent of rakish libertines. They are an undoubtedly ferocious live band.

'THE FIEND' and 'KEYSIDE STRIKE' were both as incendiary and thrilling as is expected from any band at this stage of an alldayer. Tragically, or stupidly, I missed 'DEMOB' by about 15 minutes, and I've no idea how or why! I have no good reason to offer and nobody else to blame - I don't think!

Entrusted with bringing proceedings to a majestic end were today's headliners 'UK SUBS'. Though today wasn't the original line up that began over 30 years ago - Charlie Harper still leads from the front. Should you ever need examples of a value for money punk band then 'UK SUBS'will always tick the boxes! I've saw them many times and again tonight they were indefectible and outstanding! They done it so powerfully they surely moved Studio 24 in its foundations enough to create it a new map reference. If Carlsberg made fitting ends………

Although today's crowd was disappointingly low - which was hopefully less to do with apathy and more to do with it being Sunday - there was no lack of spirit and delectation among those who were here. Should this event become an annual affair it's probably an odds on certainty that there won't be as much room at the inn next time!

By: Alan Baillie / subbaculture

andy k demob

After a shower and breakfast we set off for Edinburgh and got there with plenty of time to load in and have a few beers and watch some of the bands, sad to say it was a poor turn out but those who were there had a blast and we thank all who made our night even with the few tech probs we had......punk rock or what:-)

I managed to catch bits of 7 bands and I have to say though I have seen most (check um out) Anti-Clockwise will be revisited for sure, also Keyside Strike, The Fiend, Acid Tongue, Instant Agony, 3CR,

We got on at 10.45pm and kicked it as hard as we could, I'm sure there were people who have never seen us before but the crowd got into the gig and by time we played No Room we felt we left our mark on some of the new hearers even if we had a few tech probs, but hey onward and upwards.

UK Subs came on and kicked ass again with all the classics (on a personal note it was great catch up with Alvin Gibbs a long time no see :-) just over a hour set and oncore and the crowd left with a memory of an entertaining night I'm sure.

We would like to thank Larry SXPP and his team for putting on a great show, I hope that people who never got there will get to know that they missed a good night, thanx to all who did attend, respect to you all and hope to catch up again very soon.

Cheers and beers from all the Demob gang

Edinburgh , Spiders Web (14/04/07)
Having heard good reports from a mate who had been at the previous nights gig in Glasgow, decided it would worth a punt to meet up in Edinburgh for the second night of this tour, and the gamble paid off. First time visit to the spiders web, a cellar type venue similar to the cavern in Liverpool which always generates a great intimate atmosphere.

First band on was the lead singer of Japanese band 'Anger Flares' backed up by Scottish band 'United Front', Not sure how much rehearsals took place but the set was patchy in parts which produced a few glares from the singer to the rest of the band. Straight up in your face oi! with a japanese edge.

Next up Suprisingly were the band who were billed as headlining on the posters and the flyers 'Boredom A.D' from England, which caught out a few of the punters outside having a ciggie and led to a mass stub out and clamour down the stairs. No doubt having a 'UK Sub' in the line up does you no harm but do the band hack it? on this performance the overall concensus was a big thumbs up.
Not many new bands can induce people to get up and have a pogo but by the third song the front was awash by bodies . Bri Slutcher plays his new role as a vocalist with a manic determination which leaves you breathless, his vocals complement a very solid high energy 77 inspired sound which sometimes verges on power pop side of things. This band look good, play good and are bloody entertaining, with some well thought out sing along punk tunes and responded to the audiences cries for an encore.
Judging by the queue to purchase the cd on sale think they made a big impression on Edinburgh and must be possibles for the punk festival circuit in the future.

The venue almost emptied after Boredom's set with people dashing outside for air which was unfortunate for the next band on 'One Man Stand' who started their set to a fairly empty venue. Luckily people drifted back in to be met by some very melodic and well structured songs that have a foot in both the early oi and punk camps. For a three piece the band manage to produce an extremely full sound and play to their strengths. Definitely one to see again.It was good to see members of the previous two bands in the crowd for One Man Stands set and a good bit of shouted banter between the bands.

With the clock ticking on Japanese four piece' Drex' took to the stage, wasn't overly impressed with the tracks on their myspace which sounded bog standard oi, but their live performance was a really pleasant suprise. Despite being restricted by a guitar the lead vocalist was constantly on the move and seemed to revel in the feedback from the crowd. Whether its intentional or not the songs have a very familiar feel to them and like 'Boredom A,D' you find yourself singing along after the first chorus. The best way to describe 'Drex's' live sound is a mix of fast paced british oi coupled with Rancid type American punk , its a mix which works well judging by the audiences response. An encore of Borstal Breakout ended a good set. A good mix of bands,a good venue, a good turnout all added to a great night of punk .
Reviewed by J Goodman